Robert Youens
I have had many hobies in my life so I thought I would put some of them on a website. My current hobbies include Water Rockets, Free Flight Air Craft, Messing With My River Property, Coaching Science Olympiad Kids and Canoeing. In the past I have also enjoyed, Archery, Remote Controlled Air Craft, Knot Tying, Power Boating, and Sailing.
I am 47 years old. I have a BS in Education from the University of Texas and took several years of Engineering at Texas A&M. I have been a Sales Manager for Snapper Outdoor Power Equipment for a number of years, but have also done Environmental Consulting, Worked on Crew Boats, Worked at Dow Chemical, Worked my way through school as a lawnmower and outboard mechanic.

My wife of 20 years is Deborah Barrett Youens, she is currently a Librarian at Park Crest Middle School in Pflugerville, TX. She taught in the class room until becoming a Librarian several years ago. She is a graduate of Stephan F. Austin University. Deborah has been my Team Captain in the Texas Water Safari a number of times.

My only child and daughter Rachel is now 17 years old and a Junior in High School. She is the assistant editor of the school newspaper and is active in UIL competitions. She is already looking at top 10 journalism schools to visit this summer before making the big decision on where to go. I was very proud of her last year when she asked if she could be my partner in the Texas Water Safari. The TWS is the "World Toughest Boat Race". Rachel and I completed the race in 48 hours and 19 minutes with only 1 hour and 15 minutes sleep.