Texas Water Safari - 265 Miles Team Youens Rachel, Deborah & Robert
Start of the 265 Mile Texas Water Safari in San Marcos, Texas. Rachel (16 years old) and Robert are located in the center of the picture in the Kevlar Canoe. Rachel is wearing yellow shirt and tan hat, Robert is wearing white shirt and blue and white hat.
Thompson's Island, approximately 2 miles into race.
Lulling Dam, 44.4 miles into the race. Note the flood waters rushing over the dam.
Just above Wooden Bridge. Located 253 mile into race. Just a few miles before entering San Antonio Bay.
Crossing the bay near the finish line in Sea Drift, Texas.
A happy young lady at the finish line of "The Worlds Toughest Boat Race". 265 miles of rapid, dams, jams, portages, log rafts, flood waters and open bay. We completed the race in 48 hours and 13 minutes.
Team Youens at the finish line. Winner of the travel trophy for the first place "Parent - Child Trophy" and 16 place overall.