Insane Air
Robert Youens
I hope this will be the rocket to break 1200 feet!
Insane Air Spectra is the continuation of a line of 8' long FTC rockets. Its new innovation is the addition of a braided Sprectra wrap. A test module with similar construction was able to to hold 210 psi for 1 minute without failure or leak.
Cone and attached altimeter.
View of front of IA Spectra. This picture illustrates how I ended the Spectra wrap at the forward bulkhead.
This photo nicely illustrates the cone provided by Balsa Machining. I harden all contact surfaces with CA glue. The cone is held into the rocket with a snug slip fit.
This photo illustrates one of the 3 internal support ring located along the length of the rocket. I manually wrapped the braided spectra onto the rocket body and then rubbed in Gorilla Glue (very thin polyurethane glue).
At the time of this photo I had not installed the internal weight used to balance the rocket for backslider recovery.

The nice bright paint is polyurethane based enamel. I have had great success with this paint sticking to my rockets. I paint it on with a brush.

If you have questions regarding reinforcement of the pressure vessel, please see my laminating page.