First Family & the White House
Robert Youens
Though not related to WR at all, I did want to share an opportunity my wife and I had last weekend (10-12-02). My wife is a committee chair for the Texas Book Festival which was founded by the First Lady (Laura Bush) while the President was governor of Texas. Laura has since founded the National Book Festival which is held on the grounds of the US Capital Building. This year the First Lady invited the Texas Book Festival committee chairs and a guest to the National Book Festival and to attend a brunch at the White House.
My wife Deborah and I hanging out with the President of the United States at the White House.
This is a photo of Deborah and I having brunch in the White House. You can see the First Lady sitting at the table adjacent to us.
This is me sitting in the Blue Room of the White House with the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument in the background.
This is a picture of the First Lady autographing a photo of the First Dog, Barney. My wife asked her if she would make a special note to a friend that has been a force in the construction of a new animal shelter.