2003 Science Olympiad Nationals
Bottle Rocket Launcher
Division B & C
(This is the same launcher used at the past two nationals.)
Size and Description
Competition Stager described further below.
Maximum diameter, much smaller in pre-launch position.
Distance between bottom of bottle and launcher base.
Top View of Launcher Claws
***** Note *****

Tube fin rocket are limited to a minimum fin diameter of 75 mm and 122 mm maximum below the bottom of the bottle.
FYI:  A tube fin rocket is a rocket that has a single circular fin which is a similar diameter to the rocket and trails behind the rocket.
The Competitive Stager allows competitors to plug and prepare the bottle rocket before stepping up to the launcher. Rockets maintain their upward position while being attached to the launcher and, because air flows into the bottle from the top, the rocket doesn't shake while it's being pressurized.
The "air tube"  that runs up into the bottle is so small that it has virtually no effect on flight parameters. It's purpose is to eliminate shaking due to bubbles passing through the water and to make loading easier.
At Nationals we will be using a SCUBA tank air supply. Air pressure will be precision regulated with a gauge to confirm accurate launch pressure. We will remotely fill the rockets and the rockets will be launched by an event supervisor.