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Since 7/28/02
Beware:  I hope you enjoy my stuff despite my poor spelling, grammar and sentence structure. Good luck trying to figure out what I am attempting to say.

Slamming web sites together in a hurry allows me to design and test more and spend less time in front of the computer.
Safety:  Safety measures should include but not limited to the following suggestions. Minors should be supervised at all all times. Never hold a pressurized bottle or rocket. Never point a pressurized rocket at anyone. Always launch straight up. Beware of surroundings, rockets may fall far from the launch site. Warn spectators of the dangers of falling rockets each and every time you launch. Stay clear of transportation avenues (roads, airports, and rail road tracts) and valuable property that could be damaged by a falling rocket. Never attempt to recover a rocket in power lines or high places. Always remotely pressurize and launch your rocket from a safe distance in a cleared area. Wear eye protection when working with pressurized gas. Pressure vessels should be limited to light weight, ductile plastics such as soda bottles. The use of metal should be limited, because it can create shrapnel should the pressure vessel rupture. Make sure that you are following all local, state and federal regulations. If using compressed gas cylinders to pressurize rockets make sure they meet all regulatory standards.
Compressed Gas Rockets Can Cause Serious Injuries and Property Damage. Please Take Extreme Caution When Enjoying This Hobby.
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